Nutritional Counseling in Montclair, NJ

Your diet is a large factor in your oral and whole-body wellness. Our nutrition experts can help you make lifestyle and dietary changes that keep you and your smile healthy for life.

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Why should I choose Nutritional Counseling?

Your diet is absolutely essential for your oral health, and your overall health, too. A healthy diet will protect your teeth and your body, and reduce your risk of things like cavities, gum disease, and diabetes. With nutritional counseling from a dentist, you can get the information you need, make good dietary decisions, and enjoy better health that lasts a lifetime.

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Excessive sugar consumption, especially from sugary drinks, is one of the top contributing factors to tooth decay (cavities).

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It’s our goal to set each of our patients up for lifelong thriving health, no matter their budget. Our affordable Wellness Special provides thorough care and tailored guidance to keep you and your smile in great shape.

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The Benefits of Nutritional Counseling

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